JUNE 6-8, 2019

About New Music on the Bayou


Producing professional performances of works by contemporary composers; giving modern music a voice; inspiring communities with fresh ideas about the performing arts.

The New Music on the Bayou Summer Festival is a chance for contemporary composers to work with professional performers during the rehearsal process and to have their new works performed by professional ensembles and musicians in an intense three-day festival. Our goal is to inspire the Northeast Louisiana region with new ideas about music and inspire our visiting composers with a look into the unique nature of our area. Our schedule is designed to create a chance for composers to engage with each other, with the performers, and with the communities. Our open rehearsal format is intended to give greater insight into the music of the festival and our attempts to rotate through different venues is intended to bring the music to the people of the community and generate interest and attendance at the concerts.


New Music on the Bayou (“NMB”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Louisiana and headquartered in Monroe, LA. Coordinated by Mel Mobley and Greg Lyons, the organization was formed to bring its namesake summer festival to the community for the first time in 2016.


The current Board of Directors includes Mel Mobley (President), Greg Lyons (Vice-president/Treasurer), Eric Siereveld (Secretary), Michael Austin, Brian Bass,  James Boldin, Trevor Davis, Jana Giles, Scot Humes, Nancy Miller, Tina Mullone, and Claire Vangelisti. If you are interested in volunteering for the Board or at events, please contact us.

Media Rights

All bayou photography associated with the NMB website and promotional materials was provided by John Rea. Our website is designed and maintained by Sarah Keil Waller. New Music on the Bayou reserves the right to use recordings and images from the festival on our website and promotional materials.


For more information, send a message to info@newmusiconthebayou.com or use the contact form. Our legal address is 675 Rowland Drive; Monroe, LA, 71203.