JUNE 6-8, 2019

Gregory Robin

Gregory Robin (D.M.A., University of Alabama) is a composer and music educator based in Lafayette, Louisiana.   He leads a varied musical career as a composer, music theorist, and guitarist.

As a composer, his music has been selected for performance at the ElectroAcoustic Juke Joint Festival, Central Missouri Festival of New Music, New Music on the Bayou Festival, Versipel Concert Series: Home Grown New Music Festival, Vexations Project by the Generous Ensemble and the Futureplace Festival in Porto, Portugal. Gregory’s music has also been performed at universities and concerts across the United States. His composition for flute, violin, and piano is available on the Beauport Record label.

Gregory’s music explores timbre, rhythmic partitioning of motivic elements, and the juxtaposition of dynamic contrast and musical interruption.   Through a tightly controlled yet intuitive process, motivic elements of pitch, rhythm, and timbre meld together to form a cohesive and organic whole. These processes yield a lyrical and dramatic style that draws listeners into a sound world that is richly varied in its harmony and color. The musical language of his compositions is influenced by his composition studies with C.P. First, Tristan Murail, and Mario Davidovsky

As a guitarist, he has had masterclasses with Lily Afshar, Mary Akerman, Manuel Barrueco, Franco Platino, Robert Trent, Aliesksey Vianna and Andrew Zohn. Gregory has performed classical and electric guitar in various venues and recital halls in Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

As an academic, his paper “Mahler, Fin de Siècle Vienna, and Spiritual Conversion: Mahler’s Conversion from Judaism to Catholicism and its Cause and Effects” was selected to be read at the 6th Biennial New Orleans Music Theory and Musicology Colloquium, Loyola University New Orleans. Dr. Robin’s article on Yan Maresz’s Metalliques is slated to be published in the International Trumpet Guild Journal in January of 2018.

As an educator, he has taught at Central Carolina Community College, the University of Alabama, Jacksonville State University, and Western Carolina University. Currently, he is the Director of the Performing Arts Academy at Ovey Comeaux High School and an adjunct instructor of music at South Louisiana Community College. Gregory holds a B.M. in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, a M.M. in Performance from the University of South Carolina, and a D.M.A. in Music Composition, with a minor in Musicology, from the University of Alabama.

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