JUNE 6-8, 2019

Daniel Farrell

Daniel Farrell (b. 1996) is a senior undergraduate student at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida majoring in music composition and theory with a philosophy minor. He has studied with Dr. Jianjun He and George “Tony” Steve. Despite his youth, Daniel Farrell is already described as having “a unique sound and musical accent” and “the uncanny ability to write well for any musical grouping”. In the summer of 2016 (only two years since the start of his composition training), Daniel’s Brass Quintet No. 1 “Dante’s Journey” was performed as part of the New Music on the Bayou Music Festival in Ruston, Louisiana. Daniel is also the winner of the prestigious Delius Award in Composition at Jacksonville University.

In addition to his studies, Daniel self-publishes much of his concert music on his website, writes marching band music, and works as a marching band orchestrator for Chris Creswell Music and Design. He has worked in music editing and engraving with several notable musicians including members of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, and most recently the internationally acclaimed pianist Scott Watkins in publishing a lost piece by the legendary American composer Howard Hanson. Daniel has also scored “Dante: The Pilgrim” an animated short film and “Luminous” a videogame beta while studying at Jacksonville University.

Daniel Farrell describes himself as a “Neo-Romantic” composer, rejecting the musical intellectualism of the twentieth century in favor of combining contemporary musical language with older art music traditions. His music has been performed on several concerts and is always described as sounding like an “instant classic”.
Visit his website to purchase sheet music, explore his other musical pursuits, and hear his newest creations: www.danielfarrellmusic.com

2017 Featured Composition: The Moon