JUNE 6-8, 2019

Charles Corey

Charles Corey is an American composer holding a Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory from the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied with Mathew Rosenblum, Eric Moe, Amy Williams, and Trevor Björklund.  His approach to composition exploits and subverts the relationships that exist between different tuning systems; the results of this process range from pieces that use standard tuning systems in unique ways to works that involve multiple tuning systems working in concert.  Corey’s compositions are known for their unexpected, evocative harmonies and their strong dramatic arcs.  His music has been played in North America and Europe by a variety of performers including Cikada Ensemble, IonSound Project, Iktus Percussion, entelechron, and Relâche, and his writings have been published in several languages.

Charles Corey is the Director and Curator of the Harry Partch Instrumentarium and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of Washington in Seattle and the Director of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra Young Composers Workshop.  His current research involves the microtonal compositions of György Ligeti and the total-theater works of Harry Partch.

2017 Featured Composition: Hemisphere