JUNE 6-8, 2019

2018 Black Bayou Composition Award winners

Congratulations to our 2018 Black Bayou Composition Award grand prize winner, Steven Landis! His piece IMPACT was performed at Grace Episcopal Church on June 1. Learn more about Steven and his work at slandismusic.com.

We also commend our runners-up, Patrick Houlihan and Ingrid Stolzel, on capturing the connection between music and the natural world.


Pictured left to right: Dr. Gregory Lyons (Festival co-coordinator), Steven Landis, Dr. Mel Mobley (Festival co-coordinator)

June 5th, 2018

Announcing our 2018 concert programs

Our festival coordinators are pleased to present our 2018 programming details. The full schedule of events is maintained here. Please direct all questions to info@newmusiconthebayou.com.

May 31, 2018

Stone Theatre at Louisiana Tech

  • Peter Dayton – Percussion Quartet (mvts. 3, 4)
  • Anthony Donofrio – Clarinet and Piano
  • Patrick Houlihan – At Milsons Point
  • Tao Li – Wu Ren Kan Ji
  • Norberto Oldrini – Fiend
  • Andrea Reinkemeyer – Saturation for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
  • Philip Schuessler – Intervals II
  • Tony Solitro – No More in Darkness

Ruston Artisans

  • Kory Reeder – A Face Behind
  • Daniel Adams – Of Sand and Fire
  • Tate Carson – And the water receded
  • Anna-Louise Walton – Basket of Figs
  • Stephen Lilly – Delicate
  • Stephanie Pieczynski – Earthshine

June 1, 2018

Grace Episcopal Church

  • Chin Ting Chan – Five Songs of the Von Seggern’s
  • Douglass Hedwig – A Certain Slant of Light
  • Steven Landis – IMPACT
  • Mel Mobley – I saw a man…
  • Gregory Robin – Gestures III
  • Tinayi Wang – Song of Normality

Biedenharn Recital Hall at ULM

  • Brett Dietz – hey batter, batter…swing! (IV)
  • Daniel Fawcett – Radiant Cry II
  • Vera Ivanova – Electrostatic Whale
  • Roger Jones – Simple Scenes (I and III)
  • William Toutant – Sonatina
  • Jack Wilds – Sonata Machina
  • Tinayi Wang – “Enemy” of the Masses

June 2, 2018

Black Bayou Wildlife Refuge

  • Joseph Adams – Agitations
  • David Bridges – Frivolity No. 3
  • Mara Gibson – Map of Rain Hitting Water
  • Mark Lee – IO/F-4
  • Erik Lund – blessed B
  • Andrew Sigler – Citizens Band

Strauss Theatre

  • Emil Ernstrom – Achilles and the Tortoise
  • Jonathan Graybill – Tsigili’i: Black Capped-Chickadee
  • Kyle Lewis – Strangling All That I Love
  • Bradley Robin – Consumption
  • Jessica Rudman – Laws of Entropy
  • Ash Stemke – like a blossom unfolding
  • Ingrid Stozel – The Gorgeous Nothings

April 20th, 2018

Thank you for an incredible year!

From our New Music on the Bayou 2017 family.

June 27th, 2017

Support new music!


Be a part of something NEW this summer, and help give modern music a voice! We have levels of giving for everyone, and all of our generous sponsors are invited to our Downtown Art Crawl Pre-party Thursday, June 1. You’ll have a chance to meet our composers and performers, and enjoy a wine and cheese menu curated by Tonore’s Wine Cellar in the beautiful Hamilton House Gallery. This event is co-hosted by our Northeast Louisiana Arts Council!


May 3rd, 2017